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Chilly Billy with Brother Bob Pavone
Bob Lost His Fight With Esophageal Cancer 1/09/08

 Chilly Billy and Bob Pavone 2006

I'll use this page to describe our ice cream truck in more detail and to give you the dizzy on me, Bill Pavone. My son Anthony, my daughter Laura and my wife Anne will help out as needed. Thank you all for your love and support. Keep looking for updates!

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Chilly Billy Featured in Buffalo News by Mary Kunz Goldman 

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Ice Cream Facts

Knowing the history and culture behind Good Humor and ice cream can enhance our guests' experience. Here, we describe that history. We hope you find it interesting.

Frank Epperson, a then eleven-year-old, invented the the Popsicle and the invention was accidental.

One day Frank mixed some soda water powder and water, which was a popular drink in those days. He left the mixture on the back porch overnight with the stirring stick still in it. The temperature dropped to a record low that night and the next day Frank had a stick of frozen soda water to show his friends at school. Eighteen years later-in 1923- Frank Epperson remembered his frozen soda water mixture and began a business producing Epsicles in seven fruit flavors. The name was later changed to the Popsicle. One estimate says three million Popsicle frozen treats are sold each year. There are more them thirty different flavors to choose from, but Popsicle Industries says the general flavor favorite through the years has remained "taste-tingling orange". He realized the commercial possibilities of his invention and applied for a patent, which was granted in 1924. By 1928, Epperson had earned royalties on more than 60 million Popsicle ice pops.

Credit a clever Ohio candy maker for the invention of the Good Humor® Bar.

It was 1920. Harry Burt had just created the Jolly Boy Sucker, a lollypop on a stick. Later, while working in his ice cream parlor, Burt developed a smooth chocolate coating that was compatible with ice cream. Unfortunately, the new combination was too messy to eat. Burt’s young son, Harry Jr., suggested that his dad take some of the wooden sticks used for the Jolly Boy Suckers and freeze them into the ice cream. The first ice cream on a stick was born.

The name Good Humor came from the belief that a person’s “humor” or temperament was related to the humor of the palate (one’s sense of taste).
To market his Good Humor Bars, Burt sent out a fleet of 12 chauffeur-driven trucks with bells to make door-to-door deliveries. The Good Humor Man was born.

In 1930, a New York businessman and investor by the name of M.J. Meehan acquired the national rights to the company by buying 75% of the shares.
During the 1950s and 1960s, the fleet of Good Humor trucks kept expanding, and the Good Humor Man became an institution. The tinkling of the truck's bell would attract kids of all ages, in search of the delicious ice cream on a stick.

The Meehan family owned the company until 1961 when it was sold to Unilever's U.S. subsidiary, the Thomas J. Lipton Company. In 1976, when the company’s direct-selling business was phased out in favor of grocery stores and free-standing freezer cabinets, the trucks were parked for the last time.

You can still find some of the original Good Humor trucks on the road today, but they’re owned by ice cream distributors or private individuals.

Chilly Billy's Serves Perry's, Good Humor & Other Brands of Novelty Ice Cream.


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